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GlobalSkin: Devices for Cavitation, IPL Devices, Tattoo Laser Devices and so much more

Welcome to GlobalSkin, your partner for the latest generation of cosmetic devices!

Ultraschall Kavitation | Kavitationsgerät | Kavitation

Ultrasound Cavitation

trans gold Ultrasound Cavitation offers a range of effective opportunities for targeted body treatments. We offer the Ultrasound Cavitation devices SLIM Basic, SLIM2, SLIM3 und SLIM4.

With the SLIM3, we want to introduce you to a high end Ultrasound system that combines three methods in one device: Ultrasound Cavitation, Radiofrequency, Endo-massage – combined in one system!

Our newest development is the SLIM4 – constituting an absolute innovation in the beauty sector. SLIM4 combines four methods, namely Ultrasound therapy, Electro-lipolysis, Infrared and EMS in one device. It can be operated in a fully automated mode.

Die SLIM Geräte zur Ultraschall Kavitation sind vollständig computergesteuert und befinden sich auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik.

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globalskin tattooentfernung ho te

Invest in the market of the future!

High-quality laser technology that uses various wavelengths for hassle-free tattoo removal.

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GlobalSkin – Your Expert for Cosmetic Devices
Feeling beautiful in our bodies and increasing body consciousness is an important goal for many of us. To reach this goal, it is necessary to cater to the increasing demand for apparative measures and cosmetic devices.  We at GlobalSkin have made it our mission to support you during the process of choosing our products. At GlobalSkin we offer the latest and most innovative developments available in the beauty sector.

Our trans gold product portfolio encompasses - amongst other things - combined trans gold ultrasound devices ( Ultrasound cavitation, electro-lipolysis, radiofrequency, infrared, EMS), trans gold IPL devices ( IPL Hair Removal, Permanent Hair Removal), trans gold Laser devices for tattoo removal , trans gold face-lifting and general face treatments including microdermabrasion, oxygen, radiofrequency and masque light face treatment.  New to our portfolio: our trans gold Reactive Hair system for the reactivation of hair growth. As based on our experience, we will counsel you honestly and deliver smooth services to you. Apart from that we also will support you with our tried & tested marketing system.

Choose one of our products – no matter if devices for trans gold Ultrasound Cavitation, trans gold Microdermabrasion or  trans gold IPL – and you will receive a free all-round-service-package by us.
This includes a usage seminar, including a certificate upon completion, info materials and marketing support, as well as all necessary documents.
Do you have any questions left concerning Ultrasound Cavitation, one of our products or services? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Use our convenient online form or simply call us (we offer a free call-back service). You could also just visit us in one of our showrooms. We are lalready ooking forward to seeing you! Ultrasound Cavitation and much more: GlobalSkin – Your expert for cosmetic devices